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Why walk, when you can fly?


  • Bindini was one among the first few founding team members of an educational venture that was founded under a formal collaboration with the Millennium Mathematics Project of University of Cambridge in 2000. She is always passionate about exploring the huge potential in the animation and education industry.

  • She began as an on-line tutor helping children & teachers resolve difficulties in maths in different countries such as the UK, Middle East and Singapore. She has undergone rigorous and formal pedagogical training by the Cambridge University faculties. Apart from strengthening domain in mathematics and e-learning,she was also been closely involved with technology, specifically inconceptualising and defining the functional specifications for the software application that supports the learning system.

  • She has extensive and enriching experience in the education-outsourcing model. Blessed with versatile skills, ‘think out of the box’ and beat personal best continuously. She has handled a variety of challenging assignments in the area of content development, product design and Quality.

  • Bindini holds degree in Mathematics and PGCBM from XLRI.

R Bindini,

Our Team